Marius is a member of Bananatech. He is one of the three original members, the other two being Lucas and Søren. Marius is one of the two founders of BananaTech. The other being Lucas. "He is a genius, and by far the coolest of all the members"- Marius' Comment.


Marius, A.K.A. Sweglord

Jobs in Bananatech Edit

Marius is Bananatech's editor, director, and actor. Sometimes he makes the music and sound effects to the BananaTech projects.

Marius' first appearance Edit

The first time Marius was in a movie was in 2014. It was A Cold Horror Movie .

Since then he has appeared in A Cold Horror Movie 2 , A Slasher Movie 3 and A Day Without Internet

Marius' characters Edit

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Serial Killer in A Slasher Movie 3

Marius has played two characters

Serial Killer Edit

Serial Killer is the main antagonist in A Cold Horror Movie , A Cold Horror Movie 2 and A Slasher Movie 3. The character is an unknown man who wears a scary mask and uses a banana to stab people

Some Guy Edit

Some Guy is the main protagonist in A Day Without Internet

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Some Guy in A Day Without Internet

He's a guy with a mission. He wants Wifi